Ample Deck Space

The expansive aft deck means the Outback 50 can host more fun than any yacht her size. The Outback 50 features an amazing amount of deck space – more than most 70-foot yachts -- that you can arrange for both comfortable outdoor living and convenient on-deck storage for all your gear. The open transom and standard removable security railing make the expansive aft deck a true “infinity” deck. With an optional roll on feature, you can bring your dinghy or flats boat, RIB, or jet skis safely on board and stow them securely while underway.

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Modern Interiors

Simple, elegant interiors offer carefree cruising and unobstructed views. Practical and elegant, the interior of the Outback 50 uses modern materials combined with traditional teak finishes and clever design elements to minimize maintenance, maximize comfort, and provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere that perfectly complements on-deck living. The open flow between the expansive aft deck and the efficient, modern interior allows the galley to serve both indoor and outdoor guests with ease. The unique window design on both the main deck and hullside opens up vistas and promotes unobstructed views of the beauty outside from anywhere inside. The Outback 50 stateroom configuration can be customized for couples, for families, or for cruising with friends.

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Shallow Draft

The Outback 50 can explore places other yachts dare not go. Whether you’re cruising the Intracoastal Waterway, exploring the tiniest islands in the Bahamas, or venturing up meandering tributaries while discovering the Great Loop, the Outback 50 can safely navigate through shallow areas other vessels her size dare not go. Yet even with half the draft of any vessel in her class, the Outback 50 also offers true offshore capability. The unique hull design takes modern tunnel technology to a whole new level, resulting in a keel that helps protect her running gear in the shallow waters as well as offshore. The particular prop/tunnel configuration of the Outback 50 contributes to an astonishing degree of efficiency and comfort. Her tried and tested propulsion design not only reduces her draft, it reduces build and maintenance costs, while improving safety and reliability. And with improved economy, safety, and reliability, you’ll definitely have more fun “out back.”

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Twin Engine Propulsion

Twin engine propulsion reduces draft, enhances performance, and improves safety. From the outset, our mission was to develop the most economical offshore vessel with the highest possible performance. We explored -- and rejected -- diesel electric propulsion because of its higher initial cost. We also explored -- and rejected -- single-engine propulsion, surprised to find it less economical at low and mid-range speeds and no more economical than twin engine propulsion at higher speeds. We purposely chose twin engine propulsion for the Outback 50 for three important reasons: performance, draft, and safety. Twin engine configuration provides redundancy in engines, running gear, and rudders, offering increased security. It also allowed Michael Peters Yacht Designs to reduce the draft of the Outback 50 by more than a foot, making the keel the lowest point on the boat and thereby protecting the running gear. Put simply, the unique prop pocket design of the twin-engine Outback 50 provides better economy and performance than any other option. We offer engine options for your Outback 50 that can efficiently deliver speeds in excess of 25 knots. Contact us to explore current options.

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Easy Engine Access

Access your engine room without disturbing your accommodations. We designed the Outback 50 to be easier and more economical to service than any other vessel her size. Housing all primary mechanical systems under the aft deck away from the accommodations means a quieter ride, reduced vibration and odors, and no need to rearrange the interior or bother anyone onboard while servicing the equipment. And should you ever need to remove heavy machinery like engines or a generator, simply raise the access hatches and remove them without ripping up decks or carpet, and without dragging tools or tracking oil and grime through your living space. Her unique deck hatch configuration makes servicing mechanical systems a breeze, lowering your annual cost of ownership and giving you more time to enjoy life on the water. Take a closer look at the specifications and performance of the Outback 50, and discover why life’s more fun “out back.”

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Outback 50 Features

Every feature of the unique Outback 50 is designed for versatility, efficiency, and performance, at a very economical price.

From stem to stern, every feature of the Outback 50 follows our exacting demands for simplicity and efficiency so you can fully enjoy life aboard and all the fun to be had “out back.”

From day cruises to weekend adventures or longer cruises in the Florida Keys, the Channel Islands, or Puget Sound, the possibilities are endless.

Explore the features that make the Outback 50 unique in her class.

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