Outback Yachts
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Unique Design

Safe with a shoal draft, extremely economical, and amazingly versatile…the Outback 50 offers it all!

Michael Peters Yacht Designer

Renowned naval architect and yacht designer, Michael Peters has created an original design for the Outback 50 that combines the best in style and function.

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Outback 50 Hull Speed

Hull speed and the ability to plane are all fundamental to the hull design. Michael Peters explains how a almost perfect hull resistance graph was achieved with the Outback 50 design.

Michael Peters Design Philosophy

Michael provides an insight to his approach to design and how he applied those principles to the
Outback 50.

The Outback 50 Design

Michael Peters discusses the modern approach that developed the Outback 50's contemporary design.

what is Outback?

The Outback 50 design provides a unique product with a multi purpose large aft deck that enables you to carry a variety of craft and accessories. Here, Michael provides a overview of these features.